North Devon Natural Health is a resource which was established to raise public awareness of the high quality complementary health practices which are available in the area.

We offer members of the public access to a wide and growing range of therapies and therapists in North Devon as well as information on a wide range of therapies practiced.

You may be looking for a therapist to contact, or perhaps you are trying to find more information on a particular therapy and how it may help you. The information in this directory will help you find the therapy and therapist for your needs.

What makes NDNH special?

  • The therapists listed in the directory are all experienced, and professional.
  • They are all fully qualified and insured, and registered with an appropriate professional body
  • We are all known to each other and demonstrate our therapies to each other
  • We swap treatments on each other so that we understand the advantages of the various therapies.
  • If you contact a therapist and they feel that their therapy might not be suitable for you, they will be happy to refer you to another therapist listed on the website who is known and trusted.

Repetitive stress often combines with existing conditions such as arthritis that aggravates and inflames the tissue around the Carpal Tunnel. Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be given by experts and therapists, if you would like to get in touch with a therapist, you will find contact details on the therapist profiles in the directory of therapists